Poets° is a collection of Python packages for the downloading, reading, conversion and comparison of geospatial data with a focus on soil moisture. The included packages cover the following use cases:

  • Automated downloading of supported products.
  • Conversion of image/swath based products into time series based formats.
  • Reading of the resulting geospatial time series dataset.
  • Comparison/Validation of multiple geospatial time series datasets.

The Python packages that form Poets° can be used as standalone libraries or in combination.

List of packages

  • pygeobase contains the abstract base classes that define the interfaces for reading and writing supported datasets. These base classes ensure a consistent interface to all datasets.
  • pygeogrids is a package for working with discrete global grids (DGGs) on different geodetic datums, it also supports nearest neighbor search and lookup table creation.
  • pynetcf implements the interface defined in pygeobase for netCDF files with a focus on the time series representations defined in the Climate and Forecast Metadata Conventions (CF Conventions).
  • repurpose is a package that performs the conversion from the time-slice image or swath based format most remote sensing or modeled products come in into a time series optimized format. It uses pynetcf for writing the output time series.
  • smap_io is a package that supports downloading, reading and conversion to time series of SMAP data.
  • ascat is a package that supports reading of ASCAT Level 2 and H-SAF soil moisture products based on the ASCAT sensor.
  • the gldas package supports downloading, reading and conversion of GLDAS Noah data.
  • ecmwf_models is a Python package for downloading, reading and conversion of ERA Interim data.
  • pytesmo is the Python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations and contains the validation framework, implementations of common metrics and readers for the data from the International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN).

For a quick introduction on how to use these packages together check out our Quick Start Guide.